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Chicago Southside St Patrick’s Day Parade 2024

Sunday March 17, 2024

Weber Dance UNIT # 35

Our unit number is 35.

We will be meeting on South side of 103rd Street between Artesian & Campbell Ave at 11AM

The parade route will be along Western Avenue from 103rd to 115th Streets.

Units will dispense between 116th and 119th Streets.

Parking is street parking. Please make sure you are not parked in a permit only area. If possible, we recommend hving a car parked at the end of the parade route on the East side of Western. This will allow you to be able to drive back North to pick up a car if one was left at the beginning of the parade route.

Mandatory attire for all Weber students is as follows:

  • Black pants

  • Either green long sleeved Weber Logo T or sweatshirt

  • OR white or black “Weber Irish Dance” T-Shirt over a white or black sweatshirt, respectively

  • Comfortable walking shoes—DO NOT WEAR YOUR DANCING SHOES!!

March parades are always a little unpredictable, when it comes to weather. If it is cold, please remember to bring your hat, scarf, and gloves so that we can have a warm, enjoyable parade!

Each dancer must be accompanied by an adult chaperone throughout the parade. The chaperones will be marching behind the dancers and are not required to wear the students’ mandatory attire, although Weber Pride is always appreciated.

Information from the Parade Committee:

The Parade is a family event, and takes place on public property. Please conduct yourselves appropriately.

Alcoholic beverages will not be allowed in the parade or along the parade route. This year the parade committee has hired a private security firm to help us enforce this policy. This rule will be strictly enforced by the Chicago Police Department and the private security firm.

Safety along the parade route is of utmost importance.

In order to prevent serious injury along the parade route, the disbursement of objects such as candy, buttons, product samples, literature, etc. is prohibited. No objects may be thrown from parade floats or vehicles nor are participants allowed to pass items along the curb line. This rule will be strictly enforced and conforms with the City of Chicago parade rules and regulations.



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