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The traditional start to March Madness - St. Martha's

Each year, Weber Irish Dance starts the St. Pat's performance season at St. Martha's in Morton Grove and each year it is an honor. The energy of the crowd has a direct effect on the dancers, something the veteran dancers look forward to and which puts the first-time performers at ease.

It is so much easier to put your best foot forward when the crowd is excited, receptive, and engaged. We are lucky to be invited back to such a great place year after year.

This year we brought 28 dancers to St. Martha's, some making the late Friday night trip up north for the first time and some for the last. But all the dancers rallied around the energy and the party atmosphere to come together and perform as a team.

That unifying spirit helped get through the nerves and butterflies of the first performance to instead focus on the peices they had practiced for so long and with such dedication. We are very proud of all the dancers and excited for a spectacular St. Patrick's Day season ahead!

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