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Concert 2020

The concert is currently scheduled for Saturday, May ​23rd. Stay tuned for updates!

Concert 2019


SATURDAY MAY 27TH (Memorial Day weekend)    

Bolingbrook High School, 365 Raider Way, Bolingbrook

Performance times 1:30pm and 5pm

GREEN and RED teams:

Please arrive early so you can be on stage at 12pm! We will need all the time we have to space our dances according to the lines on the stage. Since we will be using all our pre-show time, please have hair, makeup, and shoe tape done in advance. It is also useful to bring extra safety pins in case you need them.

Bring as little as possible backstage - it gets crowded quickly! When you arrive, come backstage and start organizing your costumes. There will be posters in your room indicating the order of the dances as well as the lineup and costumes for each dance. Please refer to these posters or ask the teachers in the room if you have any questions. Keep your street shoes on or put socks over your tights as we line up on stage to prevent your tights from ripping. 

Remember to enter and exit the stage from the right side, where Madeleine is. Other dancers will be using the left side of the stage. 

Between shows, you are encouraged to have a snack but please do not eat a heavy meal or bring burgers/pizza backstage. 

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Smile, enjoy yourself, and let your love of Irish dance shine though. You've all worked very hard - now go out there and show it.